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Welcome to the ACT Sales Associates Programme

At Cartier, we value diverse experiences. We have created the Academy of Commercial Talents (ACT) to connect with talent from different industries, as well as to offer a career path into our Maison and the world of luxury retail. You will learn all about our boutique operations in a client-facing role, creating a platform for a flourishing career with us. Working with our passionate teams, you will create the stories that spark new memories. Join the luxury industry: take ownership of your career and gain new experiences.



Consumer aspirations are evolving luxury retail, making it an exciting time to join our Maison. Working in our boutiques, every interaction in our teams or with one of our clients gives you the opportunity to develop. As an ambassador of our values, you will be responsible for building the loyalty and relationships that keep us one step ahead. Upon succesful completion of the Sales Associate Programme, you will embark on your career in one of our boutiques, growing your skills and strengthening the future of our Maison.



We have created this disruptive programme as an immersion for those entering the world of luxury with no prior experience in our industry. We are looking for people from diverse educational backgrounds to work in a collaborative environment. Prior client experience in retail, sales, hospitality, aviation, customer support or similar will be a strong added value. You understand people’s motivations and are a good communicator. You are emotionally intelligent, curious, have a strong sense of team spirit, and are driven by your development. What is key is integrity. You are passionate to maintain the loyalty that keeps our clients returning. To evolve in the future within the Maison, we are also looking for people with business acumen.


The first step is a 360° set of short, engaging, and innovative assessments. Our objective is to understand your problem solving skills, attention to detail, workplace behavioral traits and preferences, and emotional understanding.

Finally, you are invited for a final interview to receive feedback on the different assessments. We will also ask you to participate in concrete, retail based role-plays. This will allow us to deepen our understanding of your fit for the programme.

The next step in the process is an on-demand interview. This will give you the flexibility and opportunity to introduce yourself and tell us about your client-facing experience. You decide when, where and on which device to record.

If successful, you will be made an offer to join our exciting Sales Associate Programme.

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Frequently asked questions

Why consider joining Cartier?

Cartier is a luxury retail company. Being client-focused is at the core of what we do and our boutiques are the heart of our business. It is the diverse skills and perspectives of our passionate teams that create the culture of our Maison. No one day is the same. You will be a storyteller, guardian of our values, and business developer all at the same time. Creativity, curiosity and collaboration are essential in doing what we do best: designing timeless pieces and celebrating beauty and individuality. We value independent spirits. You will be recognised and empowered, supported and rewarded. You are encouraged to create your own path on an exciting journey. With global opportunities, you will never stop learning at Cartier.

Why a career in luxury retail at Cartier?

Gain experience in a company prided on its rich heritage, in an environment key to building loyalty with our clients. Through a customized, intensive onboarding phase, this opportunity gives you the space to grow and learn.

Why a no-resume approach? What’s the best way to showcase my experience?

We want to provide a structured, fair, and objective way to assess you based on your competencies, not your background. We rigorously review our assessments to reduce bias. They are designed to be immersive and candidate-friendly to ease the process. The application journey has been built around three main steps. In order to put your strengths and potential front and center, each step covers a different angle of your fit with this programme. Please refer to the section 'Our Recruitment Process' for more information.

What is the application deadline?

Most positions open in January. There are different timelines for the application process depending on location. Check each posting to be sure of the closing date.

I don’t have any experience in luxury retail. Can I apply?

This programme has been designed for people like you. As long as you have the passion to work in luxury retail, experience of working in a client-facing role and enjoy working this way, you can apply.

Can I apply for the programme in all of the cities?

If you are mobile to a particular location where we are launching the programme and you have the right to work there, please feel free to apply online.

Which role will this programme prepare me for?
You will be onboarded as a Sales Associate and will learn on the spot by doing and having the responsibilities of a Sales Representative of the Maison. You will have the opportunity to beneficiate the support and follow-up of a Buddy on top of a strong onboarding.

Will I have the opportunity to start an international career path at Cartier?

While the programme takes place in one country, having successfully completed it, and based on your geographical preferences, you will take a role in one of our boutiques. With over 250 point of sales around the world, you can keep growing your career internationally at Cartier.

Will you sponsor a work visa?

You must be authorised to work in the countries you apply to as the Cartier Sales Associate programme does not provide sponsorship for work visas at this time.