From pioneering beginnings to an enduring legacy of excellence, Cartier has built a reputation as an exceptional Maison by embracing a culture of respect, curiosity and generosity.


Cartier designs timeless pieces and celebrates beauty, love and individuality. The Maison achieves this as a community of 10,000 people with over 100 nationalities, all working together, flourishing individually as well as contributing to Cartier’s global success. When you join the Maison, your unique experiences and talents become part of this mission, driven by our values.


Curiosity drove our founders and has been at the heart of Cartier since the very beginning.


Free spirited and in tune with the contemporary world, Cartier pushes the boundaries of creativity and taste.


Generosity, and in turn philanthropy, are a consequence of who we are and embody the kind of impact we want to have on the world.


We foster a welcoming and collaborative style: always gracious, warm, and considerate towards individuals and communities.


We feel a duty to create pieces and experiences with respect to all people and cultures. We do this in the knowledge that what we do has an impact, both large and small, well beyond the walls of Cartier.


We bring rigour and a high level of precision to everything we do – from creating timeless pieces to the treatment of our staff.


Our independent spirit and our leadership position drive us to create our own path in the world, to show a way forward to others, to never imitate and to always take risks when we think they are right for us.


A Maison of equal opportunities

Cartier regularly deploys programs aimed at ensuring gender equality within the company: signing the Women’s Empowerment Principles in 2019, engaging in the EQUAL SALARY Certification, and being a member of the Unstereotype Alliance and the Generation Equality Forum.