Experience a new challenge abroad with us with a Cartier V.I.E. (Volunteering for International Experience) to help you grow personally and professionally. We offer meaningful and enriching opportunities worldwide, covering a wide range of functions. The V.I.E. program enables our Maison to send newly graduated and early career candidates with citizenship from the European Economic Area (EEA) on professional assignments abroad. The mission starts with a 12-month contract which is extendable up to 18-24 months. 



V.I.E. stands for Volunteering for International Experience. This program allows early-career professionals who are citizens of the European Economic Area and under 29 years old to work abroad on an international assignment of 12-24 months within our different countries, under the authority of Business France and the French Ministry of Foreign Trade.

For more details about the V.I.E. eligibility criteria you can visit the Business France website. You will also be able to dive deeper into specific locations to assess whether you are eligible to apply. Additional recruitment expectations criteria will be detailed in the job offers depending on the role you are applying to.




The V.I.E. experience is a robust onboarding to our Maison giving you access to solid missions in an international environment. Our HR and Operational teams will support you all along your V.I.E. assignment through a thorough follow-up to ensure a seamless administrative process and V.I.E. experience. This follow-up does not end at the onboarding phase and will continue until the end of your assignment with regular check-ins and learning opportunities. 

1. Join a diverse team of more than 9,000 people from 105 nationalities. 

2. Experience an international career with our exciting V.I.E. opportunities all around the world. 

3. Develop your potential from day one and shape your career by working with experts from the luxury industry. 

4. Grow and develop your skills through challenging responsibilities and a tailored learning path. 

5. Explore a career journey in the luxury world with potential opportunities at Cartier at the end of your V.I.E. assignment. 

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of participating in a V.I.E. Program at cartier?

Participants in our V.I.E. program will gain international work experience, exposure to the luxury industry, professional development opportunities, and a chance to work in a fast-paced environment in a transforming industry. The travel costs for the move to your host country are covered as well as your health insurance during your entire mission. Throughout this mission, you will perceive compensation and support defined by the Business France guidelines, as well as a regular follow-up from our Cartier HR Team. Your monthly allowance is not subject to taxes and a potential housing allowance can be provided depending on the country of your mission.

What V.I.E. opportunities are available at cartier?

V.I.E. opportunities cover a wide variety of functions within our head offices and regions. Please note that the availability of V.I.E. positions may vary as we enroll V.I.E. all year round, so be sure to check our Careers website for the most up-to-date opportunities.

Is knowledge of the luxury industry required for v.I.E. Positions?

While a keen interest for the luxury industry is a plus, work experience in our industry may not always be a strict requirement. We value candidates with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. The expected experiences and soft skills are detailed in the job offers depending on the role you are applying for.

What is the application process for V.I.E. opportunities at cartier?

The application process typically involves submitting your resume, followed by an online video interview if you were to be shortlisted by our Human Resources teams, and interviews and assessments with both the local HR and Hiring teams. Specific details on technical assessment will be provided in the job listings or during the recruitment process.