It takes imagination and curiosity to conceive iconic designs. The flair, vision and confidence of our studio colleagues—in jewelry, watchmaking, fragrance and accessories—evolves our Maison’s style: contemporary, yet true to its Parisian heritage. We seek bold, original and creative people to help us capture hearts and imaginations.



Senior Designer, France

Irem started her career at Cartier with an internship in the Accessories Studio in October 2010, while she was studying Product Design.

She then got an offer for a permanent position within the same Studio and worked there for five years, before moving to the Leather Goods Studio in October 2018. After having worked there for 3 years, she had the opportunity to switch back. She has been with the Accessories Studio since October 2021.

Every project we work on comes with its own story and creates a time-lapse in which we are bound to breathe and live for a while.


Tell us about your role as a Designer for Cartier.

I am an Accessories designer; my day-to-day job is creating timeless collections ranging from functional objects for everyday wear to exceptional and unique pieces. I’ve had the opportunity to work on various objects such as Home Objects, Masculine Accessories, High Jewelry Evening Bags, Eyewear, Fragrances, Special Orders and Leather Goods.
I design with curiosity, enthusiasm and creativity, respecting the Maison’s rich and diverse history, aiming to contribute to building tomorrow’s heritage.

Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere. I always look through the lens of curiosity as it unlocks my imagination.
I find inspiration during my travels where I get to see different cultures and learn about local savoir-faire and people. With its diverse culture and heritage, Istanbul, where I am originally from, has been a great source of inspiration for me.
Most inspiring of all was my journey to the Cartier Archives, a unique experience and a goldmine of inspiration.

Describe a project of which you are proud.

Every project we work on comes with its own story and creates a time-lapse in which we are bound to breathe and live for a while. Nevertheless, seeing the products I’ve worked on being appreciated, displayed in a boutique, or featured in the media is a source of immense joy and a moment of pride.

What attracted you to work at Cartier?

Cartier is the image of excellence, exceptional craftsmanship and amazing creativity. The Maison's powerful yet subtle and traditional yet innovative image, combined with the values it stands for, are the main reasons I was drawn to work here. The past 10 years have shown me that those values keep evolving and getting stronger over time.