The world’s most creative thinkers are utilizing cutting-edge technologies to build industry-leading consumer innovations across our Maison, from design and e-commerce to engineering and analytics. We invite digital pioneers who are passionate about the possibilities of new technologies in reimagining the digital client experience to explore our luxury brand jobs.



Creative Technology Lead, China

Jaret joined Cartier China Retail Lab as a Project UI/UX Designer and is now our Creative Technology Lead. His mission is to use the Retail Lab as a platform to try out cutting-edge digital technologies and experiences to be applied both in our boutiques and online.

My job gives me the opportunity to test many solutions to answer a request, and I regularly learn to use new digital platforms for both online and in-store needs.


What role does the Retail Lab play in the digital transformation of the Maison?

The Retail Lab is a major player in the digital transformation of the Maison. As a brand with a long and rich history, Cartier needs to maintain a bold yet cautious attitude in any innovation. The Retail Lab's mission is to make bold attempts at digital transformation. Our responsibility is to ensure that these attempts are successfully combined and delivered to the retail environment online and in our boutiques. The challenge of our team is to propose new technological breakthroughs while maintaining the authenticity and quality of our heritage.

What is one thing your team achieved that you are proud of?

Among the many Retail Lab projects I worked on, LUNA 2.0 was an ambitious project in terms of design and digital technologies. I was in charge of the back-end system. Together with my team, we realized that we needed a system that could upload and download the content of the High Jewelry 3D holograms and be intelligent. This unique project had to be able to search and categorize all the boutiques' data and meet their different needs.

What is it about the luxury industry that is unique?

The luxury industry pays more attention to humanities and quality of life than other industries. I have not always been in this environment; it is relatively new in my career. I am convinced that this experience will continue to bring new vitality and vision to my life.

What advice would you give to someone joining Cartier?

Joining Cartier will be a unique and enriching experience for your professional journey. You will undoubtedly face new challenges. I would advise everyone to keep an open mind about the world and cultivate their sensitivity to art. No matter what position you hold, at Cartier, we are detail-oriented, and our work is focused on giving our clients a unique experience with the Maison.