Our HR specialists have tremendous expertise in people management and development, supporting each person’s professional journey with Cartier and unlocking potential in a respectful workplace. Approachable and happy to share knowledge, these team players embrace our values and promote our shared goals and responsibilities.



Organizational Development & Transformation Director

Victoria's journey with Cartier began more than ten years ago. She joined Cartier as Client Relations Manager and was leading both CRM and Customer Service. Capitalizing on her client experience background, she took on the role of Learning & Talent Development Manager four years ago before being appointed Organizational Development & Transformation Director.

Learning & Development as well as Talent Management is a fundamental part of our business strategy since it manages one of the important assets of the company: its people.


What does a day in your life at Cartier look like?

Every day brings me new learning, discoveries and inspirations. Every day is different and fulfilling. It is a kaleidoscope of meetings, events, travel and cross-functional activities. I love to experiment and continuously search for new experiences to grow our talented and dynamic teams.

How does Cartier support development?

We offer a variety of learning opportunities, from cross-cultural dialogs and trend-watching to design thinking and creative leadership. Art and culture are also sources of boundless inspiration for us and a basis for our programming. For example, we launched a learning program for our teams and partners to rediscover the historical links between the Maison and our Region to enrich storytelling.

We also partner with universities to create interaction and sharing between students, professors and business leaders to learn from each other. Cultivating ongoing dialog around key business and societal topics is a vital communication platform for us, and we are proud to support the education of the creative leaders of tomorrow as well.

What was your most memorable moment in your Cartier journey?

There are a plethora of beautiful moments in my love story with Cartier. One that I would like to highlight is the "Cartier Art Dialogues" event in February 2021. A digital conference that connected young generations all over the globe to learn about art and culture. It was an absolute mind-expanding experience for all the teams and we were encouraged to be even more creative and flexible.